PEEK 材料迷宫式油封

PEEK 材料迷宫式油封

 Labyrinth floating oil seal

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PEEK 材料迷宫式油封 产品信息

                   Labyrinth floating oil seal

PEEK labyrinth floating oil seal structure, uses and advantages:

  1. Structure: PEEK labyrinth floating oil seal is a two-half ring structure. The back is tightened by spring hoop in spring groove. Anti-rotation pin and oil leak hole are all one-time molded by injection molding. Inner ring has four labyrinth grooves to seal.
  2. Usage: mainly used for seal of pedestal type and end cover sliding bearing.

3.advantages: compared with traditional PI and PTFE material, PEEK oil seal has the following advantages:

(1) PEEK material maintains good mechanical stability under high temperature and pressure ,it without causing deformation,and don’t abrasion to shaft.

(2) PEEK modified polymer materials has very good performance of wear-resistance and self-lubrication when working under high speed and high temperature,It not leakage caused by abrasion , especially suitable for 2, 4 motor usage.

(3) PEEK modified polymer material has being also used by USA and Germany slide bearing companies.


PEEK modified polymer material is a new type of material developed by our company in cooperation with British Victrex Company ,this material has excellent properties:

It has excellent rigidity,creep resistance,dimensional stability,low friction coefficient and wear resistance. It is an ideal material for friction applications.

Because of its excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical properties, flame retardancy, electrical insulation and so on, it plays a great role in sealing applications in different fields.

Several well-known German sliding bearing enterprises are using this material oil seal, its durability and stability has been tested by time and international outstanding enterprises.